Hair Chalk Ideas Creative and Temporary Hair Coloring Inspiration

Hair Chalk Ideas: Creative and Temporary Hair Coloring Inspiration

Hair Chalk Ideas: Creative and Temporary Hair Coloring Inspiration

What better way for kids to express themselves than adding color to their hair using temporary hair chalks?

Playing with colors can be so much fun, especially if you like expressing your creativity.

These hair chalks are the perfect solution for children who want a splash of color without the risk and commitment of permanent dyes, as you can take them off with just a few washes.

Discover tips and tricks you and your child can try and experiment with using hair chalks!

Rainbow-Inspired Styles

Hair Chalk for Rainbow-Inspired Styles

Rainbow-inspired hair colors are all the rave, and there are many ways to customize the look to your liking. You can go for a bright pop of colors or a cool rainbow of pastels. A rainbow ombre style may even elevate your whole look!

You can stick with simple colors or go full-throttle by styling with braids or buns!

  • Step 1. Section the hair based on the number of colors you want to use and the hairstyle your child wants.
  • Step 2. Spritz some water onto the hair to dampen it and show more pigment. You can skip this step if you have blonde hair or aim for a more subtle result.
  • Step 3. Use your first color and go through one section. Start from the top of the strand down to the tips or where you want the color to end. Avoid rubbing the chalk.
  • Step 4. Move along to the rest of the sections, placing your red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple hues alternately to finish the rainbow.
  • Step 5. Blowdry and use hairspray to seal the colors. Style it with a flat or curling iron to let the heat set the colors.

Let your kid play around with the colors of the rainbow. Have them go crazy and turn their hair into a work of art.

Hair Chalk for Cartoon Character Hair

Of course, we can’t forget about cartoon characters. They inspire kids, especially with how vibrant and bright they can be.

You can work with pink, blue, purple, and other colors to bring popular cartoon characters to life.

  • Step 1. Find your inspiration. You can use the characters' colors to inspire your look or copy their hairstyle.
  • Step 2. Section the hair.
  • Step 3. Dampen the hair to help the chalk grip better. You can also work with dry hair if you’re using liquid chalk or have lighter hair.
  • Step 4. Start applying your chalk through the hair from top to tip. Do not rub the chalk to prevent damaging your hair. Continue until you finish the rest of the design. 
  • Step 5. Dry the hair and style it with a curling or flat iron. Use hairspray to help seal the colors in.

Sparkling Glitter and Shimmer

Hair Chalk for Sparkling Glitter and Shimmer

If your child wants a style that will make their hair shine and shimmer, you can play with sparkling glitter in addition to the vibrant hues of hair chalk!

  • Step 1. Section the hair based on the colors and the style you will work on later.
  • Step 2. Spray hair with a little water for the hair chalk to stick. You can skip this if you have a lighter hair color.
  • Step 3. Start putting on the hair chalk through the tresses until you complete all the sections.
  • Step 4. Brush the hair to eliminate extra hair chalk that can fall once you style everything. Dry the hair and style it accordingly.
  • Step 5. Put your hair up in braids, buns, or both.
  • Step 6. Apply glitter between the strands or the middle part of the head between the two braids or buns. You can add more chalk to the undersides you missed before styling.
  • Step 7. Use hair spray to lock in the hair chalk and the glitter.

NOTE: Be careful with these styles since glitter can quickly get stuck to clothes.

School Spirit and Sports Events

Hair Chalk for School Spirit and Sports Events

Using chalk to color your hair for school and sports events is also very common, especially if you use your school colors.

  • Step 1. Wet your hair.
  • Step 2. Apply your desired color based on the school colors or sports team you’re supporting. You can style them into an ombre or streaks to achieve a more subtle look.
  • Step 3. Dry your hair and style as you usually would.

Fun Shapes and Patterns

Hair Chalk for Fun Shapes and Patterns

Another fun way to color your hair is by adding chalk shapes and patterns. You can either use the traditional sticks or a spray.

  • Step 1. Find a stencil to help you color the hair more accurately. If you're going for a more messy art look, you can go for it freehand.
  • Step 2. Get the hair damp.
  • Step 3. Place your stencil onto the hair and color it as you usually would.
  • Step 4. Dry the hair and style.

Temporary Highlights for Parties

Hair Chalk for Temporary Highlights for Parties

Temporary highlights and ombre styles are common for parties, especially if you work with smooth pastels.

  • Step 1. Wet the hair if you need the color to stick better.
  • Step 2. Rub the chalk down the hair and ensure each strand is covered to create long streaks of color.
  • Step 3. Dry the hair and style with a flat or curling iron.

Halloween and Dress-Up

Hair Chalk for Halloween and Dress-Up

Hair chalk is excellent to look cool while you go trick-or-treating.

  • Step 1. Wet your hair to help lock the colors in.
  • Step 2. Rub the chalk from top to bottom of each section to add color.
  • Step 3. Dry hair and add accessories, like a pair of skeleton hands or something similar.

How to Prepare for Safe Hair Chalking?

Hair chalking is the inexpensive and easiest way to add color to your child’s mane, but it can get a little messy to work with. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to lessen the mess and reduce long-lasting damage.

Before you start coloring, have your kid wear an old shirt or wrap an old towel around their shoulders. It would be a shame if you get a good shirt messy, so ensure you don’t mind staining the ones they use.

When choosing hair chalk, it is important to look into the ingredients and formula of the product. Stop using the products if your child shows any allergic reactions.

You can also use hair protectants so it can easily wash off when your child hops into the shower. You can also use heat protectants, especially if you will be using heat for styling.

Additionally, it is best to dampen dark hair before applying so the pigment sticks better, unlike light-colored hair that can make the colors pop even when it is dry.

How to Safely Remove Hair Chalk?

How to Safely Remove Hair Chalk?

It is important to thoroughly wash the hair chalk off once you’re done with it. It is not that difficult to get hair chalk out of hair because it easily washes off with shampoo and water.

One good tip before washing is rubbing oil onto the hair and scalp. Let it sit for 5 to 15 minutes so the color is easier to remove and leave you with smooth hair afterward.

Use a gentle clarifying shampoo and conditioner for easy washing. You can also use regular shampoo with baking soda.

It is also a great idea to thoroughly massage the scalp and hair when bathing.

How Long Does Hair Chalk Last?

The hair chalk usually lasts about two days, but it depends on the chalk's formula, application, and hair type. Some can last up to 10 washes.

Is Hair Chalk Bad for Your Hair?

Hair chalk is not bad for your hair AS LONG AS you follow directions and don’t leave it on for too long.

There are also different application methods for blondes and darker hair colors.

Key Takeaways on Hair Chalk Ideas

Your child can rock so many colors and styles with simple hair chalks and fun accessories to their hair.

Grab the best hair chalk for kids and let them express their fun ideas through their hair. I hope these tips will make chalking much easier for any parent or kid.