Aluminum-Free Natural Deodorant for Kids and Teens


ALL NATURAL DEODORANT FORMULATED JUST FOR KIDS AND TEENS: Fresh Monster kids deodorant offers safe and effective odor protection for children. Our natural and non-toxic formula keeps young ones feeling fresh and confident all day long. 

EFFECTIVE ODOR PROTECTION WITH REFRESHING SCENT: baking soda, tapioca starch and other natural deodorizers deliver all-day odor protection with our vibrant gummy burst scent. Our fun, unique scent makes it the perfect kids deodorant for girls & boys.

SMOOTH APPLICATION: formulated with all-natural shea butter and coconut oil to glide on smooth, without feeling sticky or leaving residue or white marks.

HYPOALLERGENIC: pediatrician-approved and hypoallergenic, Fresh Monster is suitable for even the most sensitive skin. 

Our natural deodorant is made in US and cruelty-free.

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